Spend less time paying,
and more time playing.


Why should you use an Epic Game Card?

Secure Transactions

By using an EpicGameCard you are protecting yourself against potentially malicious sites which may attempt to charge you outrageous amounts or use your information with a malicious intent. Allow us to act as the firewall between you, and thieves attempting to take your information.

Rapid Delivery

Because time spent waiting is time that could better have been spent grinding. Our systems delivers your card at a breakneck pace, usually arriving the instant that you confirm the purchase. The card will be delivered directly to your account.

The Perfect Gift

Are you looking to repay someone for their kindness? Perhaps an early birthday gift? Look no further! By sending an EpicGameCard you are not only sending an awesome gift, but you are also taking part in promoting secure online transactions.

Supported Payment Methods

And many more!

Additional Benefits

Instant transactions, no more waiting for payment processing.

Protects you and your business from fraudulent chargebacks.

Available across the globe with no additional fees applied.

Our cards are not account bound, and can be gifted or transferred.